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Are You Prepared for the Doctor's Report?

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

When cancer strikes, it shows no favor. In the US, approximately 40% of men and 38% of women will develop cancer during their lifetime.* With the advancement of medicine and technology, the chances of you surviving has increased tremendously over the past few decades. More and more people are in fact beating cancer, however they DIE financially. Protecting your finances prior to this type of diagnosis could be one of the smartest decisions you ever made, and you will be glad you did. Many life insurance companies offer living benefits cancer coverage and funeral and final expense coverage, but which is the best for you and your family?

Benefits of Having Life Insurance

There are many types of insurance and many benefits of having the coverage. It is best to sit down and discuss your options and levels of coverage with a licensed insurance agent in your area. If you were diagnosed with cancer today, would you be able to financially cover the medical expenses to battle the disease? Would you or your spouse be able to keep up with your mortgage and other bills? When you have the RIGHT type of coverage you could receive tax free lump sum payment as a living benefit to help offset the costs of treatment, missed time from work, or bucket list memories. In addition to living benefits the cost of your entire funeral expense, and even your mortgage can also be fully covered if you pass. This type of coverage would help you and your family to remain more financially stable while dealing with this difficult time.

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About the Author

Gary Bias is the owner of Universal Benefits Group and an experienced licensed insurance agent, businessman, husband, and father of 4 children. With a background in Accounting, as well as Business Management & Marketing, he is well rounded in the business and finance world. In addition to being the founder of Universal Benefits Group and this site, he is dedicated to helping everyone have a clear understanding of what types of coverage is available and what will fit their needs. His goal is to provide online consumers with exceptional customer service and help them become well informed about the different types of life insurance coverage and options, as well as the importance of having the coverage. He will be happy to assist anyone interested in being prepared and protected! If you have any questions, feel free to contact him.


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